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006: EYELET - Nervewracker 12" LP - black

006: EYELET - Nervewracker 12" LP - black

12 EUR

Eyelet are a Screamo/melodic Post-Hardcore Band from Baltimore, Maryland.

Pressing Info:
212 Black vinyl - this product
45 Purple/Red vinyl (Eyelet exclusive)
42 Turquoise/Green vinyl (Fake Crab exclusive)
8 Yellow vinyl (Dingleberry exclusive)
7 Orange vinyl (krimskramz exclusive) - sold out.

Track List:
01. Browbeaten
02. Worryguts
03. Solely
04. Foolish Hearts Darkened
05. Weak Frames
06. Nervewracker
07. For Pity's Sake
08. Children Of Thunder
09. Limerence
10. A Lesson In Loneliness

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