008: BAIT - Sunburst 12"

008: BAIT - Sunburst 12"

10 EUR

Würzburg's blackened hardcore masters from Bait were set to release their new album "Sunburst" on June the 6th, 2016.

Consisting of five blistering tracks, "Sunburst" is highly recommended for fans of Rise and Fall, Cursed, The Secret and Oathbreaker. The track listing consists of:
1. Nihil
2. Inner War
3. Sunburst
4. In the Abscence Of Light
5. Leviathan II

Pressing Info:
limited edition vinyl:
- 231 solid white, grey & black mixed
- 238 doom black
heavy 380g cover, reverse board print, 12inch insert with lyrics and liner notes'.

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