CRANIAL - Dead Ends 12"

CRANIAL - Dead Ends 12"

10 EUR

Würzburgs outstanding OMEGA MASSIF disbanded already some time ago. But this end was just a beginning for the members of OMEGA MASSIF. One part founded the band PHANTOM WINTER, another joined BLACKSMOKER and now also the last member (Michael Melchers - Guitar) releases a new project called CRANIAL. The results are two heavy, sludgy Postmetal songs, which continue, where OMEGA MASSIF stopped. An epic, very consistent and heavy atmosphere builds up and will be brigtened up by clear melodic guitar lines. The band manages to create a great build up of suspense so that the songs never become boring or monotonous. Forget about all modern trends and hypes. This is classic heavy Postmetal. Additionally CRANIAL unlike OMEGA MASSIF are not an instrumental band and Bastian's vocals fit in perfectly!

Pressing Info:
Clear vinyl with a black screenprinted B-Side. Comes in a cut-out cover and a printed inner sleeve. /350

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