FLIEßGEWÄSSER - Sonstige I Tape

FLIEßGEWÄSSER - Sonstige I Tape


"Fließgewässer" is an intentionally mysterious, playful ambient/experimental music project.
This second release "Sonstige I" consists of miscellaneous sounds, field recordings from Siurana (a small village in Catalonia), Πλατύκαμπος (a small village in Greece) and a jam from Αθήνα (Greece), blazoned with midi-sounds.
Involved in "Sonstige I":  Menelaos - guitar on "Πλατύκαμπος και Αθήνα νύχτα", Matthias - drums on "Πλατύκαμπος και Αθήνα νύχτα", Silvia - cover picture, Heinzel - midi/field recordings.

Pressing Info:
black tape

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